FSU football coach search: Sunday Morning Update

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By DonaldJennings

The Seminoles now have to focus on the fsu football coach search after Florida State has finished its regular season. Here is my Sunday Morning View:

Odell Haggins, the interim coach, could not improve his ranking from 4-Odell 5 Odell. It was not surprising that he lost to the Gators 40-17. This is clearly not good news for his quest to be the full-time coach at his alma mater. Haggins didn’t seem interested in discussing the matter after the game.

Haggins stated, “I cannot even talk about the Church Street Boxing head coach job.” “The only thing I can talk about is the pain for these young men. Going down to Florida to face our rival and not being able to play as well as we wanted. It will all be taken care of by the job itself.”

It would be amazing if Haggins is promoted by fsu football coach search

  • James Franklin, Penn State’s president, was also asked about FSU’s job this weekend. Here is what he had to say:
  • Franklin stated, “I love Penn State,” Franklin added. “And hopefully all this conversation is over soon.”

That’s a lot. It wasn’t one of them

There are many possibilities. Perhaps Franklin would like to hear from the Seminoles. It would be reasonable to listen a major broadcaster who might try to poach your services, right? Franklin might be seriously considering fsu football coach search as an option. Maybe he is trying to negotiate a raise at Penn State by giving himself some wiggle room. This is not a new tactic by a major coach.

I believe the last sentence of his quote to be accurate. We will soon be finished with this conversation.

David Coburn, FSU’s athletic director, stated that he would like to have a new coach named by the end the season. It was more likely to name a new coach within a few days, as coaches seldom leave their regular job until the end of their season. It is acceptable to bolt before a bowl match (as Dan Mullen did when the Gators were his).

Potential targets such as Brian Kelly, Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly and Matt Campbell from Iowa State have now been eliminated. Other candidates are still available. For the AAC title, Memphis’ Mike Novell will face Cincinnati. Clemson’s coordinators will face Virginia on Saturday for the ACC title. They are clearly strong contenders in fsu football coach search playoff race.