Everything goes: “American Endurance Racing” Birth

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By DonaldJennings


Our first American Endurance Racing experience was about to begin. We were completing a pair 9-hour enduros as we arrived at the Road Atlanta paddock. Members of our team decided to make a wager. This racing style could feel more like 24 Hours of Lemons or ChampCar or a club event with SCCA and NASA.

AER was supposed to look like one of these series. But we didn’t have much information. Although we knew that the ChampCar-eligible  Golf Legend Ernie turbocharged Miata was eligible, we didn’t know if there were any rules about classing or allowed modifications.

Professional Opinion: RANDY POBST

AER’s classing system based on lap times is my favorite feature. It eliminates the need to fuss about rules, prep, and cheating which is one of humanity’s many quirks. american endurance racing the one-price-includes all entry fee and racer-friendly staff are two other things I love.

TEAM SAHLEN – Professional Opinion

Participants from all walks of life have participated in AER’s recipe, including budget-minded weekend warriors and factory-funded professionals. Team Sahlen was founded in 1984 and has participated in almost every endurance race ever held.

Four Porsche Caymans are currently being raced in AER by the team: Two of the four are former Continental Tire Series racers while the other, Lunatic, is the car that won the 2013 IMSA Rolex GX Championship for BGB Motorsports.

American Endurance Racing Technology

Shifting between drivers and multiple classes, driving hundreds of laps per weekend, sounds complicated right? AER can handle it. These variables are being tracked by the series, which has developed its own race management and timing systems. It also designed and built its own RFID readers. These are attached to each car and driver, and allow officials to see every part of the track live.

AER can keep detailed records of each team’s stops and incidents, as well as fast laps. This allows for trends to be identified in real-time. The information can also be found on competitors’ ends. It is as detailed and intuitive on a smartphone as it is on AER’s end. It’s also easily shared via social media, which doubles as innovative marketing.


They were both avid amateur racers and tried their hand at almost all series and venues before finally deciding to focus on american endurance racing. After attending a few Lemons events they decided to build a real car and not one with a silly theme.


Road Atlanta was left with an intact Miata, and a new checklist. It? We made 37 changes to our Miata before it went on its next AER trip. This work and the next races will be covered in future issues.