Purchase the best Prescription Eyewear with SmartBuyGlasses

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By DonaldJennings

For a sportsperson like you, contact lenses might not be the right option for you every time you are on the field. However, wearing glasses might look classy sometimes; so many brands have introduced glasses that are specifically designed for every sportsperson. The speciality of these lenses is that they come with resistant frames and lenses and are anti-slip.

But is buying glasses during lockdown easy? SmartBuyGlasses has come with the solution for that too. It offers an exclusively wide range of eyewear online, that you can get depending upon the prescription lenses, without even moving out of your home. The great thing about these lenses is that they come with a best price guarantee. You get the lenses fitted by the certified opticians for just £6.

Getting the Prescription

Getting your prescription before ever getting the glasses from the store is very important. You can get this prescription document from an authorized optician near you. They will determine what kind of eye-correction glasses you need and by using this document you can get the best eyewear for you. You can upload this document directly on the site or you can even email them. The optician at the SmartBuyGlasses will examine the information like pupillary distance, type of vision you have, and also the corrective power that is listed in the document. Based on this document, they will help you choose the right glasses.

Try your Glasses Virtually with SmartBuyGlasses

The next thing you have to do is try on your favourite glasses at SmartBuyGlasses through their virtual try-on tool online. This is the best thing that you can ever make use of as it relieves you from reaching out to the opticians which are way too expensive and have only a handful of choices for the glasses. When you come to SmartBuyGlasses you see the widest range of glasses ever and that too at a lower price guarantee.


They include many options of eyeglasses to choose from including cat eyes to square shapes, and round faces, in short, from every type of glasses to sunglasses. You can try each one of them with this tool and get to know how it looks on you, isn’t it cool?

Get the Right Frame

If you already have some frame shapes in mind, you can move through the glasses options at the store. There are many brands including budget-friendly labels like SmartBuy Collection to the world’s biggest fashion designers. Whatever option you go for, you will get extremely affordable price rates for each of them.

Frame Shape

The shape of your face is very important in selecting the right frame type for you. Every face shape is different from others, so buy the glasses that suit yours well. To see what face shape you have, look into the mirror after removing any substance like makeup or anything and you will get to know it. If you didn’t like the idea, get ahead to the virtual try-on tool and it will perfectly tell you what face shape exactly you have, and which frame shape will suit you.

Frame Size

The other important thing to consider while you are buying the glasses for you is to determine what size you are buying them; they shouldn’t be too loose or too tight on your face. This can give you a purely odd and disproportionate look and can also lead you to much irritation and headache.

The best thing that you can do to avoid this is to check out the interior of your already existing frame and figure out what size they have, and buy the exact size for your new glasses.

Submit the Prescription

The last thing you have to do is submit your online chosen frame into the purchase basket at the store. Then, the next page will appear asking you to submit your prescription and choose the type of lenses you want.

You can ask the optician for any advice that you need during the process. After that you have made your decision, the lenses will be carefully inserted by the opticians at SmartBuyGlasses, and will make you have them at your door-step.

SmartBuyGlasses introduces you to the most authentic products that you can ever get from anywhere else in the market. It is one of the most trusted eyewear brands that provide you the prescription and other preferences that you would love. Its all frames are labeled with a 2-year warranty, best price guarantee, and a 100 days return option.