Types of Golf Bets

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Other than those listed below, you can bet on various markets in golf. But if you want to maximize your odds for success, here is a breakdown of the top markets and their respective performance. Below is an overview of each market along with further information about its performance.

Explanations of Golf Betting Markets

What you should look at when betting on golf?

When betting on golf, there is an array of betting markets to choose from. To maximize success, focus on a few key areas and focus instead of trying to cover everything between tournaments.

Tournament Winner

When betting on golf matches, the simplest market to understand is one where you only need to pick winners. If there’s an unofficial tie after 72 holes, an improvised playoff will decide the victor. While it is possible to pick a 72-hole victor without including the playoff round, this could result in a tie with your stake being divided equally between all players who fill up top spot after 72 holes.

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Top 5/10/20 Betting

A different option is to wager on a player’s finish in different positions on the final leaderboard based on our tips. In this scenario, you could place bets for anyone to finish in the top 5, 10, or even 20 places once the event has concluded. Remember that dead heat rules may apply and in some cases your stake might need split between multiple players; keep this in mind when placing this type of bet in golf.

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First Round Leader

Golf tournaments usually last four days, so some punters who bet on golf would prefer wagers that end sooner. One option is placing all your bets on the first round which should conclude weather permitting on day one.

Betting Markets to Avoid

These markets for betting should not be ignored completely, but if you’re just beginning your golf betting journey then they shouldn’t be overlooked until you feel comfortable enough with what other options there are to explore.

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Each Way Betting

Each way betting in golf can be risky, so having some understanding of how it could benefit or harm you when making decisions is beneficial. When tied scores occur, players often move locations and decrease odds to such an extent that betting becomes unprofitable. When betting on outright winners, we suggest that the best bet may be placing stakes that increase if they win completely – this way you double your return! This golf betting guide has tips and advice to help guide you in this decision making process.

Top Nationality

Finding profitable markets is often difficult because odds are rarely favorable to top players who could provide you with an opportunity to profit. Placing a bet on someone with higher odds simply because they may surprise you is rarely worth it and offers little value in the long term. On the contrary, if you use advice to focus on specific courses or players and come across one who appears to have everything under control and appears completely overlooked by odds makers in this market, then you might have an excellent reason for betting.

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Hole in one betting option

Ante Post Betting Markets

Ante-Post betting requires placing bets at least 24 hours before an event’s start date. If you are making a long-term prediction on an important event, then odds may be slightly better than one hour prior to start time; however, this is not usually the case in golf.

In-Play Betting on Golf

Golf is ideal for betting during play. Most tournaments take place from Thursday to Sunday, offering bettors an array of markets throughout those four days leading up to and including the final hole if necessary. Furthermore, there may also be a playoff if necessary.

Golf Betting 101

In running golf betting, there are various bookmakers and exchanges where you can bet. To maximize your odds of success, look at players who start before they are backed; this gives you a good indication of who to back before the event begins. Naturally, the earlier one begins betting, the better their odds are likely to be at pre-tournament betting. Unfortunately, this could mean less stakes being placed on losers and allows punters to lay players who may have been over-hyped. People who typically start out well may be trading below what their potential losses could be, while those who started off strong but then struggled may have changed tactics during the tournament. Either way, both types of players will likely end with lower performances than what their initial odds suggested, making them both worth wagering on.

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Laying Off

Betting exchanges also allow punters to place bets on hold that they’ve placed. For example, you could stake $100/1 on a player that is now trading at 10/1 and decide either to make up for your stake by laying off some or secure some profit. The lower the odds have dropped, the greater profits can be had from abstaining; winning less than when sticking with it. Therefore, using cash out as an exit strategy when betting will give more benefits than using other methods like exchange betting for betting purposes.