Safer Open Water “Swimming Boy”

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By DonaldJennings

The Kiefer Safer Swimmer Open Water swimming buoy Buddy is an essential safety and training device for those who love swimming in open water.

Three Benefits of Swimming with a Safer Swimmer

  • 1. Excellent Swimmer Visibility

The Dayglo Orange Safer Swimming Buoy increases your visibility to other boaters, jetskiers and anyone else who might need a reminder of open water swimmers in the area.

  • 2. Swimming Flotation

As needed, Safer Swimmer offers flotation. This is especially useful for those who need to take a break after a long swim or are dealing with swim cramps, fatigue, dizziness, or any other swimming injury.

While Safer Swimmer cannot be used as a rescue device it can be used to provide reassurance or to aid in the rescue of a less confident swimmer.

The Safer Swimmer has a blue Private Swimming Lessons handle that provides a secure grip and helps to make it easy to use as a rescue or resting aid.

  • 3. Dry Storage

You don’t have to worry about losing your gear and valuables on the beach. Safer Swimmer’s dry pockets allow you to keep them safe and accessible during your swim.

  • Open Water Swimming Buoy: Why Safer Swimmers Are Great
  • You can now hide your keys and wallet easily!

Safer Swimmer’s dry pocket allows you to safely carry your gear and not have to worry about leaving your keys and wallet at shore.

This is the Perfect Place to go for Point-to-Point Swimming

Point to point swimming buoy is a new way to enjoy longer swims. It eliminates the need to do the old ‘out-and-back’ routine. Point to point swimming is made easier by the ability to carry shoes while you are distance swimming. You can also keep your Safer Swimmer dry for a pleasant return run (or walk!) to your starting point. You won’t have to walk barefoot anymore!

I find that packing shoes is especially useful during 70.3 Ironman training because my neighbor Silver Lake in Wisconsin measures almost exactly 1.2 miles. After the swim, I take off my shoes and inflate my Safer Swimmer. Then, I run back to my car in style and comfort (running in a jammer doesn’t seem so bad).

  • Safer Swimmer is great to use for group swims.
  • Group swimming can be a great way of adding more fun to open-water swim training.

Safer Swimmer allows swim coaches and swim leaders to carry extras that swimmers or triathletes might lose or need while swimming (examples: extra goggles, extra swim caps, Gu, or other nutritionals, as well as hydration).

Safer Swimmer is easy to see and a great way for you to keep an eye on your group’s swimmers, especially in wavy conditions.

What Does a Safer Swimmer Look Like / Do in the Water?

It is very visible and looks amazing. Its buoyancy makes it appear to float on water because of its lightweight body.