Craigslist Boulder: Five Money Scams

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By DonaldJennings

People in Boulder, Colorado use Craigslist to list items for rent or sale. The site offers a wide range of listings including furniture, books, appliances and cars for sale. Although many transactions go smoothly, there are more problems on the site. Scammers have discovered that Craigslist is a great resource to place fake ads and take money from innocent victims. Craigslist Boulder has five money-scams you need to be aware of.

  1. Craigslist scam: Renting from Craigslist Boulder

Police warn potential renters about scams by Craigslist Boulder that offer homes for rent. When a scammer posted an advertisement from West Africa, a University of Colorado student was invited to take part. He saw an advertisement claiming it was from a former Boulder resident who had to move abroad. The man claimed to be a missionary looking for someone to rent his house. He sent his social security number, and other personal information to the renter. However, he did not send an electronic wire transfer of $1.100 to Nigeria. It was a fraud, he reported it to police.

  1. Craigslist scams desperate renters with affordable housing

Craigslist is displaying yet another scam housing rental scam. Scammers post fake rental ads on craigslist st louis that contain full details about homes, including photos and detailed descriptions. A home in Aurora is being offered for rent at $400 per month. This immediately raises alarm bells. To prey on innocent faith, the scammer pretends to be a Pennsylvania pastor. These ads were stolen from Trulia and Zillow. They look legit until you realize that the rent amount is much lower than it should be. They never let you see the house and will not meet you. They will tell you to drive by the house and then ask you to wire the rent money and deposit electronically to your account so that you can’t track the funds. They promise that they will send you the keys, but the keys never arrive.

  1. Craigslist scam for Disney tickets

A man from Boulder was arrested on suspicion of selling Disney tickets using craigslist richmond va. He was selling $175 per ticket to the popular theme park. Boulder woman expressed interest in purchasing a ticket. He made arrangements for her to complete the transaction. He paid her more than $1,000 for six tickets, which she later found were expired and had been used before.

  1. Craigslist scam: A woman makes thousands

A woman tried to rent an apartment she saw on Craigslist. The woman was looking to rent an apartment to her son, who was visiting Colorado for a brief period. To pay the $2,200 she wired from her bank account for the apartment her son found on the website, she used her savings to wire the money. He tried to contact the apartment complex but was told by staff that they didn’t make short-term rental agreements. It was then that he and the mother realized that they were being scammed.

  1. Craigslist car scams in Boulder

Another example of the money-scams being perpetrated through Craigslist Boulder. This ad was posted by a victim to warn others about a craigslist buffalo ny car. The victim paid $3,400 to purchase a 2005 Nissan Altima in red. He promised that the car would ship within five days after receipt of payment. Amazon was used to complete the financial transaction. He contacted Amazon to find out that he had sent money through a fake website, and was now a victim of a car fraud.

CU Boulder provides a Craigslist Boulder safe place to complete online transactions

University of Colorado Parking Services, CU Boulder Police Department provide a safe zone on campus called the Online Safe Exchange Zone. This is where buyers and sellers can use websites like Craigslist to buy or sell items.

  • Online Safe Exchange Zone located on the south side the Public Safety Building
  • The Online Safe Exchange Zone is located on the south end of the Public Safety Building

Online transactions can be completed in the loading and unloading areas at the loading dock on the south side at the Public Safety Building at 1050 Regent Drive. These spaces are available for parking for up to 15 minutes and are next to the building that houses CUPD. Although it is best to conduct these transactions during the day, the lot can be lit after dark. The lot can be recorded via video at all times.

This may not be possible for all online sales transactions due to the size of the items being exchanged. However, Craigslist Boulder students, faculty, and staff have access to the area.

Online Safe Exchange Zone was created to reduce fraud and robberies associated with these transactions. Although they are available to you for your exchange, craigslist rapid city Police personnel cannot participate or act in the transactions. They also can’t provide legal advice or allow parties to settle pricing or civil disputes.